The Momentum Artist Inner Circle Membership is OPEN!

Starting February 18th, Momentum Artist Inner Circle will be digging into a new income stream opportunity called Art Licensing.  I understand that making a monthly commitment to a Membership Group is a time and financial investment.  So I want to you to see an example of a coaching session on how to build your social media following by breaking down the process of how to do a Facebook LIVE.

You can view the 15 minute mini class on “How and Why to do a Facebook LIVE” and also receive the free worksheet!


Facebook LIVE Worksheet

Facebook LIVE Class (You will be directed to Dropbox where you can watch the video without having to download it on your computer but you will need to sign up for a FREE Dropbox account if you don’t already have one)


If you would like to learn about the Momentum Artist and all the benefits of becoming a Momentum Artist, visit the Momentum Artist website and sign up for the newsletter.