Art is personal.  How can you be wrong if you like the art!

5 tips to Reduce the stress of purchasing your first piece of original art

My name is Karen Ahuja and I am a visual artist who creates original acrylic artwork on canvas.  I love when a person buys my art on the day they first see it.   This scenario only plays out because they have invested time to understand themselves and can see that the art tells the world a visual narrative about them.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” ~Pablo Picasso

Why buy original art? Karen Ahuja sells original artwork through brick and mortar galleries and online.   Karen has also found success in the reproduction market by selling work to large retailers like TJ Maxx, Home Goods and Pier One.   Affordable art is important for the decorating industry and it allows many people to have beauty in their spaces.  It is important to understand that artwork at national retailers is chosen by corporate buyers who dictate taste and popular trends.

There is a plethora of original art available to the public.  When you purchase original art, you are more likely to find art that shares a narrative about who you are.  Original art means you won’t find the same exact painting in your neighbor’s powder room.

Original art will touch your soul and provide personal joy.  Don’t let purchasing original art be overwhelming.  Don’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy daily inspiration because of FEAR. Stepping out of your comfort zone can move you toward growth and joy.

There are 5 key things you can do to reduce your stress when purchasing your first piece of original art.

  1. THE HAPPY PLACE: Find the space that makes you happy in your home or office. This is the space where you want to purchase your first piece of original art. Think through what would make your even happier in your HAPPY PLACE.
    • Start with the place where you like to meditate, read, write or just relax.
    • Think about colors, themes, topics and places that make you happy.
    • Don’t worry about art styles yet. You will learn more through the selection journey.
  2. SIZE DOES MATTER:  You want to purchase the correct size of art for your space. It can be a small piece that sits on your shelf or side table.  If you are going to hang it on the wall, you need to measure the wall area (width and height).  Take pictures of your wall space and refer to it when you are looking at art.   Most artists can recommend sizes or provide framing solutions.
  3. STEP IN: Buying original art is like wading into the ocean versus jumping off the diving board. Take your time and look through art on the internet to determine the type of art that appeals to you.  Start making a list of the artist you like.  Research their websites.  Find out how you can purchase their artwork, shipping costs, and availability of new work.
  4. BUDGET: Know your price point and understand the value of the artists you want to collect. If you knew Andy Warhol when he was in college, you could have gotten art for free.  But now, his original work is most likely not in your budget.  Here are some things to think about:
    • Local art can be an affordable option
    • Some artist offer deals on older inventory
    • Pick up a piece of art when you are traveling
    • Would you want to commission your own piece of art. This is when an artist will create a piece of art specifically to your needs/request.
    • Some artist will offer hand embellished reproductions art which allows you to purchase artwork at a lower starting price compared to the original painting.
  5. ENGAGE: Artists love to talk about their art.  Visit us at our studios.  Go to art shows.  Tell us what you like about our art.  Even if we are introverts, you will find that most of us are grateful to have people appreciate our work.   You can also contact us through our websites or social media.  Knowing the stories behind the artwork may help you choose your first piece of artwork.

Believe me when I tell you that most artist would prefer their work to be in a loving home rather than sitting in a pile in the studio.  Buying original art is a fun process.  Eliminate the fear of making your first original art purchase and you will choose art that inspires you.

About the Author and Artist
Karen Ahuja is a visual artist, author, and art business coach. She has a degree in graphic design and a MBA in Marketing. Leaving the corporate world to pursue her passion for art, she began Karen Ahuja Studio in 2011. Karen is represented in galleries around the country. Her work can be found at national stores including Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Nordstroms Rack and Pier One.

I primarily paint with acrylics and mixed media because water is such an important ingredient in my painting formula. Water is a powerful agent for change when it is allowed to move the paint, dilute the intensity, and mix new unique colors. I can work quickly, building layers, and using unique color combinations to make a strong visual statement with texture, contrast and vibrant color. I play in the area between the abstract and impressionistic styles. My work is vibrant and energetic using texture, and strong brush strokes to engage and excite.

Art has the power to create positive social change. We are born with the ability to build, communicate and impact our world. I interpret my world with my paintbrush. I can create a visual narrative and translate my understanding of my environment and experiences. When I combine my artwork with the story that inspired the piece, I am able to start a conversation about difficult topics in a safe and respectful way.

To see her daily paintings, follow Karen on Facebook and Instagram @karenahujastudio.