Momentum Artist Agreement

If you choose to join the Momentum Artist membership, you will be asked to read and agree to the following:

As a Momentum Artists, you will receive the following:

  • Access to the Closed Facebook Membership group called Momentum Artist Inner Circle.
    • You will receive weekly coaching and information to grow your creative business.
    • Community of creative that are investing in each other. Momentum will be facilitating conversations started by other members who have questions or would like feedback on work. You can post your own images for feedback.
    • Monthly Challenges
    • Monthly Zoom Call to answer specific business questions
    • Interviews with other Artists.
  • Resource Library
    • Marketing topics
    • Courses
    • Videos
    • Worksheets
  • Optional with additional fee when scheduling the phone call: One 20 minute (one-on-one) coaching session with Momentum Artist. You will fill out an intake form and you can review websites, income stream recommendations, artwork evals.

As a Momentum Artists, you will agree to:

  • You own the implementation of the coaching and teaching you are receiving from the Momentum Artist.  Only you can make the change you desire.
  • Your monthly membership fee is auto renewing and can be cancelled at anytime with 5 business day notice before renewal date.
  • You agree to continue to CREATE. Momentum artist wants to provide business practices that allow you more time and freedom to continue to follow your passion for creating.
  • You are open to LEARN. Momentum artist knows how rules and regulations can be overwhelming to a creative. You are learning simple business and strategies that when implemented can provide more freedom to create your art.
  • You will EXPLORE. Using the information from Momentum Artist, you will explore the best ways to implement these tools and strategies for your own business There will be subjects that will change your business forever for the better. There will also be some business practices that won’t apply to your own business. You understand your product better than anyone! Explore and evaluate for your own business needs.
  • Be respectful of the other artists in the group. Everyone is on their own journey. Every question is a good question.
  • Be willing to review available resources in the library to find answers to questions.


Check the box if you are willing to agree to the terms of the Momentum Membership agreement.

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