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As a visual artist and business owner, I believe artists should make a living wage in the art industry.  Learning how to monetize artwork allows an artist to continue to create, produce and sell.  Experience in multiple art income streams, I can guide you through the process of choosing income streams that work best for your art business. I have worked in the art industry since 2012.  I have been licensing my art since 2017.  In less than 2 years, I have sold over 5,000 reproductions to large national retailers for wall décor. I also sell originals and reproductions on my website, at and Art Finder.  By focusing on the income streams that provide a profit, you can build an art plan that leads to success.

Meet Karen Ahuja

As a visual artist, photographer, author, and art coach, I have built a successful art business by identifying multiple income streams that set me apart from my competition. I want to share some ideas about marketing and business that you can incorporate into your business to be successful on your own journey.   

I am excited about guiding you through the income streams that have allowed me to make a living wage in the art industry. You will learn about the costs and benefits of these income streams so you can focus on the correct income stream for your business.  

What you get with your Monthly Plan

Introduction to Art Licensing

Evaluate whether art licensing is the right income stream for your art business.

Art Licensing Inspiration

Learn how to watch the art trends online and tools to connect with the licensing industry.

Conference Call

Each month, you can join a conference call to discuss business questions. Additional one on one coaching packages available.

Membership Group

Unlock your art licensing potential. Join the Fostar Art Membership Group to understand the art licensing process and get feedback on your artwork.

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“I am so excited to be a part of Fostar Art! Finally a chance to market my artwork without being hampered by my wheelchair! My disability has limited me enough so I cannot drive and cannot pack my works on a canvas bigger than 9×12 to send to buyers or galleries. But hopefully, with success through Momentum Art I can eventually hire someone to help me with things! Thank you Fostar Art for the opportunity to make a living doing what I love in the comfort of my home.”

~Erika Nelson

“Learning about art licensing is an investment in my art business. I know that I have to find unique ways to compete with the commercial art market. Having my artwork in national retailers has helped me to sell more of my originals on my website.”


~Shawna St. James

“I am a professional website designer and graphic artist so Fostar Art is a game changer for me. I can continue to work full time and gain income from my art-making too!”


~Mistie Lain

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