My goal as a working artist is to promote my work and projects so I can gain momentum in my art business. I produce art books for my clients. I use them as portfolios to show at art expos. I also sell them to clients as coffee table books.

There are many websites and phone apps that allow you to easily and quickly create portfolio books. Some of my personal favorites are: This site allows me to create magazines, and advertisements. The site has free and professional options. I use the free version and it is easy to use. This site has been around for a long time. I like it to create hard bound books for a more professional look. When I load my images, I am able to create another place where my images are “backed up”. They have kept my projects for years. I can reorder if I sell a hardbound coffee book.   They offer 50% coupon codes and free shipping. There are many magazine publishing websites available on the web. This one was recommended to me because they have an economy option where you can produce a single magazine starting under $5. I am on the software learning curve, but it is an affordable option for self-publishing.

The Power of Collaboration:
Fostar Magazine just published its first issue in August of 2019. This magazine is sent out to galleries and licensing agents to provide a quick view of new talent. Using the apps and websites above, Fostar art was able to publish a simple and effective first issue of a magazine. This collaborative project identifies a team of artists that have work that dances together to attract the attention of more buyers.

I am excited to share the first issue of Fostar Magazine