Fostar Art Membership Agreement

If you choose to join the Fostar membership, you will be asked to read and agree to the following:

As a Fostar Artists, you will receive the following:

  • Access to the Facebook Membership group. Your monthly membership fee is auto-renewing and can be canceled at any time with 2 business days notice before your renewal date. It is recommended to stay with the membership for 6 months before you make a decision whether the art licensing industry is right for your business plan.
  • Submit 3 images to be reviewed for the Fostar portfolio shown to national wall art retailers.
  • Training on the art licensing industry including Photoshop, imaging, file management, interpreting trend sheets and more!
    Group feedback and coaching on images are being accepted or declined.
  • You still own your artwork and the rights to reproduce on your own website and online outlets. The buyer is buying the rights to produce a certain number for an agreed price.
  • Paid for work selected by national retailers. Foster Art will invoice the client and you will receive a check directly from the wholesale company.
  • Fostar Art does NOT take commissions on your sales. Most agencies charge a commission on sales, but Fostar Art believes that your sales belong to you.
  • Your membership will continue for one year without a change to the monthly fee. Fostar Art is not responsible for changes in art policies at the licensing agent or the national retailers for wall décor art.

As a Fostar Artists, you will agree to:

  • Read and review training material available on the Fostar Art Group.
  • Provide formatted images ready for print. You will provide one high-resolution Tiff file and one low-resolution jpeg file.
    Implement group feedback for greater opportunities to sell your own artwork.
  • Allow the image to be reformatted, adjusted for print, cropped, hand embellished, brightened, color shifted by the client. (Whatever is needed by the client)
  • Use inspiration sheets to create artwork for the client. Do not copy but use for inspiration to see what is trending with colors, styles, content. (Do send artwork that may not fit in the trend sheets because these pieces may fit a certain season or unique client.)
  • Agree to not licensing the images you are sending to Foster Art with any other art agencies.
  • Understand that any image submitted cannot be removed from the Fostar Portfolio if was selected to be shown to a national retailer.

Check the agree box if you have read the Fostar Art Membership Agreement.

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