If you are reading this blog post, you are probably considering whether you should jump in to the world of art licensing.   For me, this income stream has allowed me to build a customer following and promote my other income streams too.  If you join the Fostar Art Membership Group, you will have access to training, tips and coaching.

Before you decide whether to join the membership group, there are some products and tools that you will need to purchase if you don’t already have them.  The first two things are a 24 megapixel DSLR camera and Photoshop Elements.  I am including a great link to an article that shares some great entry level DSLR cameras.   When I am asked what I do for my licensing business, below are the products that I use and recommend:

For Photoshop Elements, you can do a monthly subscription or a one time purchase.  If you want to have access to the latest updates the subscription is for you.  I have found that I only need to purchase the product once every 4 years.  I tend to purchase the product on Amazon. See the link below for the 2019 version of Photoshop.
Photoshop Elements

For my digital camera, I have always been a Nikon girl.  I have been using the entry level Nikon D3500.  Feel free to use any brand of DSLR that you like, but make sure to get a 24 megapixel to maximize your image size.  I use the standard lens and have not needed an upgraded lens for my art licensing business.
Nikon D3500

Here is the link to a great article about other DSLR cameras.

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