Momentum Artist FAQ / Help Page

-How does this membership work?

  • Join the membership by simply clicking the membership button on the website. Click on the Momentum Art tab. You will receive a welcome letter that explains what you need to do to get access to the closed Facebook group. The membership is monthly and renews automatically on the start date.

Are there additional costs involved in joining Momentum Artist?

  • There are no additional costs to be a member of Momentum Artists which includes access to the resource library on and the Facebook Momentum Artist Inner Circle
  • You will have the opportunity to sign up for additional one-on-one coaching sessions if you would like to add one on one coaching to your membership. There is an additional fee for on-going one-on-one coaching.
  • As with any business, you may choose to add business tools to aid in your business. Momentum artists will go over free and paid products that may be a good choice for your business. There may be product recommendations that you can choose to purchase if you don’t already have these tools. For example, Momentum artist recommends that visual artist have a DSLR Camera (24 megapixels) and photo editing software.

What do I get with the Momentum Artist Membership Group

  • Access to the resource library on with courses, worksheets and videos
  • Weekly Content in the Facebook Momentum Artist Inner Circle.  This includes social media training, exploring income streams, looking at tools to make your company run smoother and Mental Barriers to Success.
  • Challenges
  • Monthly Facebook lives to address questions
  • Interviews with owners of creative businesses
  • Monthly Group Coaching through Zoom
  • Optional: 20 minute, one-on-one coaching with Momentum Artist. You will receive an intake form and have to schedule a thirty minute consult. You can ask any question you want. It is recommended to choose topics that are specific to your business. This can include (but is not limited to) a website review, social media review, art review.  There is an additional fee of $20 for this call and any follow up information.

How can I be successful at this?

  • You are taking a step forward by seeking information and growing the business and marketing side of your creative company.  Adding MOMENTUM to your sell and create cycle will allow your business to grow.
  • Understand, that Momentum Artist encourages you to CREATE LEARN and EXPLORE.   You will be encouraged to take the information and determine which business practices work best for your company.   After all, you know your goals better than anyone.

Can I quit at any time?

  • Yes, You may end your membership. We need 5 business days before your next billing cycle to process the stop payment.

Can I do one-on-one coaching with Momentum Art?

  • Yes! I would love to work with you one on one to look at your business plan and provide coaching. Additional information about coaching is in the member’s section of this page.

I don’t live in the United States. Can I still participate?

  • Yes! Membership fees are collected by credit card.

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