Finding a quiet spot to work and reflect at Crystal Bridges isn’t always easy.  The sheer number of visitors on a daily basis is amazing.  Depending on the day, you can find hundreds of elementary students grazing in the restaurant before marching to see a small selection of paintings.  Or there are corporate meetings, large tours and lines for new exhibits.  At first, I thought I would abandon my new idea of going to Crystal Bridges on a weekly basis to bask in the huge selection of art.  Yet, after four weeks of regular visiting, this is what I have learned.

  1. I love grabbing a table in Eleven (the restaurant).  The goal is to work on some administrative work while enjoying a healthy but slightly expensive lunch.  On a sunny day, I need to migrate to new tables to escape the reflecting sunshine.  Yet, working around other people has sparked my creative energy.
  2. I love that the lockers are free.  I can put my computer, coat and purse in a free locker while I enjoy looking at the artwork.  Whether I have 30 minutes or 2 hours, I can view the artwork, take a tour or explore the libraries on site.
  3. I love to use one piece that I see each visit as inspiration for a new piece of art.  For this visit, I have gravitated to the Hollyhocks piece by John LaFarge.  It uses one of my favorite compositions, but I want to interpret it in a new way.  Can’t wait to share my painting with you in my next blog.

Next Blog, I will share my artwork inspired by my visit and spend some time thinking through how I can enjoy my visit even more.  Hint: There are great opportunities to network and have a fun conversation about the artwork.

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