2019 RAM Annual Invitational – The Heart of a Nation

April 5 – July 28, 2019
Opening Reception: April 4, 2019, 5-7 pm

The RAM Annual Invitational is a national competitive exhibition that has been hosted by the Fort Smith Regional Art Museum since its inception in 1948 (With the exception of 2017). The purpose of this exhibition is to encourage and recognize professional artists. In addition, this exhibition aligns with the museum’s mission to foster art appreciation in the community. The theme of this year’s open invitational is The Heart of a Nation:
The heart: a symbol to show your love for something, the organ that pumps life through us; the             central or innermost part of an entity. What is the Heart of a Nation to you?
Nation: a group of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a             particular country or territory.

Digital Mixed Media, 10 x 20 in frame, $300 (30% donated to the RAM)

Bipartisan Flag:
Bipartisan Flag’s composition visually implies a division in the nation. Using color variations of the standard American Flag, the teal blue and touches of pink are slight color shifted from the standard US Army flag with the Old Glory Red and Old Glory Blue. In the American Flag, white signifies purity and innocence; red symbolizes hardiness & valor, and blue represent vigilance, perseverance & justice.

Has the pulse of America shifted? The Bipartisan Flag is missing the stripes but it includes 50 stars. Most of the stars are red and blend into the background. Only one small white star exists in the piece. This small white star symbolizes the power of one person to make a positive social change. Innocence and purity seem to be a quaint notion of the past.   Yet when one person is vigilant and perseveres for the sake of justice… not personal gain, it is in those moments that we find the unity and solidarity to embrace the true American spirit of pride in our diversity and unity in our love for our country.

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