Why is it important to get to 10K followers on Instagram?

As creative, we tend to focus on our product. Our creativity is what drives us. Creating new work can be all time consuming. You might be thinking… Instagram is just a vanity platform only used by artist who need positive feedback about their art. So, why is gaining 10 thousand followers on Instagram so important?

Well, its not just an ego stroke to grow your following to 10K. There are huge benefits that Instagram gives to accounts that are considered influencers. One of the first milestones is having 10,000 followers. You are able to add a link to your Instagram story. This is important for a creative/maker because you can ad a link to your website or store.   This is huge step in being able to monetize Instagram.

So 10K sounds like a huge task. Before you worry about how much ad money you need to throw at this… lets look at some organic ways you can grow your instagram following! There are some practices that you implement to get to your target number quickly. It is possible to get 5 to 10 thousand followers in 3 months by implementing the following strategies. Adding a link is a game changer that allows you to monetize Instagram and gain income from this social media platform. I would focus on getting the numbers first, and refining your audience after you have 10-15K followers.

If you would like  the list of how to build your following quickly and organically, click the link below.

10 ways to 10K

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