Art that inspires

I believe that we are all creative beings born with the ability to build, communicate and impact our world.  I interpret the world around me in a visual medium because it allows me to create a narrative and translate my understanding of my environment and experiences in a medium that connects others to my world. 

 I primarily paint with acrylics and mixed media because water is such an important ingredient in the painting formula.  Water is a powerful agent for change when it is allowed to move the paint, dilute the intensity, and mix new unique colors.  Painting with acrylics allows me to layer quickly building the narrative of my piece. 

I have found excitement in playing in the area between the abstract and impressionistic styles.  This allows me to pull things in and out of focus in my paintings.  I don’t choose a certain type of subject matter.  Instead, my subject matter is chosen by the story I am trying to tell.   I want the viewer to connect or empathize with the struggles and know that they are not alone in their own life challenges.


My husband and I were interested in buying an original piece of artwork for our new home; we soon realized commissioning Karen to do a piece for us would lead to a more personalized piece. Her task was to recreate a scenery from our favorite beach in Destin, FL. She not only captured the beauty of the scenery, but the mood as well. When looking at "Destiny By The Beach" I feel soothed by the mixture of soft and vibrant colors. I could literally step right into the painting and walk on the beach!
~Julie and Kevin Hamel

The masterpiece Karen created for us is perfect.  She listened to what we wanted and then delivered a painting that went way beyond our expectations.  Love her use of color and texture.  We are exceptionally pleased with results.  
~Craig and Tracey Altonen

Karen Ahuja Studio

artist statement

1992 -  Karen Ahuja has a graphic design background from the University of Cincinnati and a MBA in Marketing from Xavier University.  This combination allows her to be creative, yet she understands the need for business processes and delivering her products the buyer.  She has been working with interior designers, builders and realtors since 2012.  She provides artwork that follows the Pantone color trends so it can easily be used in any design plan.  Her reputation in regional Galleries, online galleries, licensing with large retailers, and art publications has promoted her reputation for creating unique pieces of artwork that connect with the viewer and fall in line with current trends.  She uses her studio space in Fayetteville Arkansas to push her craft and create original unique pieces that are pursued by collectors.

2011 -  Karen Ahuja moved with her family to Fayetteville Arkansas, where she started her own company and began to use her life experiences to create positive change in her world.  Experiencing the power that art had on her own life, she began building the groundwork for the Welcome Pineapple Project which raises awareness to the challenges of international adoption on a family.  Using her artwork, the Welcome Pineapple Project provides a safe place to discuss the challenges of adoption, opens opportunities to build a community of support and have access to funding for those families unable to afford therapy and counseling.